In the Emerald Village, your safety is our priority.  All products sold at licensed cannabis dispensaries and lounges sold in the City of West Hollywood have been tested according to California state requirements to ensure proper potency and dosing.

Cannabis has been legal for recreational use in California since 2018.  Adult residents and visitors are able to purchase and consume cannabis throughout the state.  We want you to enjoy your experiences in West Hollywood’s Emerald Village and recommend following these responsible use guidelines and best practices:



  • DO visit a licensed California cannabis shop or lounge, like any of the members of Emerald Village West Hollywood.
  • DO relax and enjoy the experience.
  • DO as questions. They are encouraged and expected!
  • DO keep an open mind.  The California cannabis scene, and West Hollywood in particular, is uniquely surprising and fun!
  • DO carefully dispose of any unused cannabis products to ensure others—or pets—don’t accidentally ingest.



  • DON’T give cannabis to anyone under the age of 21.
  • DON’T drive under the influence.
  • DON’T consume cannabis openly in public or smoke it in a hotel room.
  • DON’T consume cannabis on federal lands (of which there is none in West Hollywood!)
  • DON’T fly with cannabis.
  • DON’T transport cannabis across state lines.
  • DON’T worry! Cannabis is legal in California and you are invited to learn more and experience cannabis the West Hollywood way!





  • CBD products are widely available across the United States.  CBD is known for inducing relaxation and calmness.
  • THC products are legal in California.  THC alters the sense of time and space and promotes the present moment.  THC should be consumed with care in an intentional way to promote a safe experience.



  • START LOW AND GO SLOW! Consuming THC-rich cannabis should be done in a mindful and measured way.
  • EDIBLES WARNING: Be patient.  Edible cannabis products may take two or three hours to feel the full effects.  Wait to see how they effect you before taking more.
  • CROSS-FADING: Beware of mixing cannabis and alcohol.  Mixing the two may cause negative side-effects.
  • STAY HYDRATED! Water and a snack can come in handy.  Prior to consuming, prepare for thirsty moments and the munchies!
  • SETTING.  Consider your environment.  Feeling comfortable and safe will help facilitate a positive experience.
  • ELEVATED EXPERIENCE.  Cannabis enhances the senses and pairs well with food, art, nature and wellness activities, which you can find around West Hollywood!