West Hollywood is a special place. Zen is a vibe. Zen is your happy place.

Come to Zen to see the finest legacy-made products in the state side by side with the latest greatest brands on the market. We offer an unmatched variety of Emerald Triangle products, focusing most heavily on the legendary and bountiful Humboldt County. We bridge the gap between Hollywood and Humboldt- come find Zen with us!

At Zen, we focus on you.  We are dedicated to providing a comfortable welcoming space and a personalized shopping experience catered to YOU! Let us help curate your next cannabis experience and see the difference a little Zen makes.  Our spacious new showroom has great natural light and lots of modern updates.  It’s the perfect place to clear your mind and get ready for a Zen day or night.  

We *jointly* offer both high-end and high-value products. Our unrivaled product menu features modern cleanness and old-school-cool. Zen has been sourcing cannabis products from the legendary Emerald Triangle for almost two decades and as a result, we now enjoy a rich network of allies.  We have the utmost respect for the rich ecological community and unparalleled local cannabis culture of the Emerald Triangle. We believe that the best way to honor cannabis is to show the hard work and pride that goes into bringing it to our shelves! Come learn about our brands and products and see for yourself- our Humboldt County roots have connected us with the finest brands in the state and in the world. 

Zen broke ground in West Hollywood in 2003.  Since then, we have continually maintained rare and sought-after products on our shelves, staying on the forefront of traditional cannabis as it has developed into modern canna-culture. As the years have passed many things have changed, but we have always been dedicated to exceptional service. Zen represents a unique blend of classic Humboldt, Mom and Pop, clean style and connected coolness.  

We are proudly P.O.C. owned and woman-run. Our diverse staff and management team is a direct reflection of the colorful community we serve. West Hollywood is a special place like no other and we feel a deep sense of pride to be part of such a vibrant, fabulous community. We welcome visitors from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to come feel the love at Zen, where your unique self will be welcomed and celebrated.  

Come see your friends at Zen. Come find your Zen with us!