Compassion Programs  

Qualified West Hollywood residents with medical or economic hardships are eligible for significant discounts on Medical Cannabis products at West Hollywood’s Medical Dispensaries.


Public Safety Measures

West Hollywood’s licensed Cannabis businesses are committed to promoting public safety across the City.  Public Safety measures include 24-hour video surveillance and multiple on-site security officers at each store.  In addition, each business conducts foot patrols of a two-block radius on an hourly basis.


Social Justice

West Hollywood’s licensed cannabis businesses show their commitment to Social Justice through their actions.  Social Justice programs include hiring policies to help employ those with past cannabis convictions, reserved shelf-space for small, BIPOC-owned products and more.


Measure Y / Social Services  

West Hollywood Cannabis Businesses pay a 7.5% gross receipts tax to the City under Measure Y, a citizen-approved ballot measure.  Proceeds from Measure Y taxes support essential social services in the City of West Hollywood, including affordable housing programs, senior services, transportation programs and more.


History of Cannabis in WeHo

For decades, West Hollywood has been at the forefront of the move to legalize cannabis in the United States.  The movement to legalize medical cannabis was born out of the AIDS Crisis of the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Medical dispensary collectives were allowed to open in West Hollywood and provide product to members of the collective.  With the 1996 passage of Proposition 215, 82% of voters in West Hollywood supported the legalization of medical cannabis—even more than in San San Francisco. In 2001, federal agents raided Scott Emler’s LA Cannabis Resource Center on the corner of Gardner and Santa Monica, a property partially owned by the City of West Hollywood, a property which was seized by the Federal Government.  Soon, cannabis pioneers from Northern California, like Don Duncan and Jason Beck, were invited to come to West Hollywood and moved to the City to provide medical cannabis and remain active to this day in West Hollywood’s cannabis industry, as owners of the LAPCG and AHHS dispensaries.  In January 2007, four of the five cannabis dispensaries in West Hollywood were aging raided by the Federal Government, despite protests from local citizens and non-cooperation from local law enforcement. That year, the City worked with the four operations of medical cannabis dispensaries to create the first ever medical cannabis licensing ordinance. Following the passage of Proposition 64 legalizing recreational Adult Use cannabis. West Hollywood created five new license types, for Adult Use and Medical Dispensaries, on-site consumption lounges with and without smoking and delivery.  In 2019, the nation’s first Cannabis Cafe opened in West Hollywood with many more to come!